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Android app UI

The UI for the New Relic Android app provides functionality similar to the standard user interface, with customized details for mobile users.


The New Relic Android app includes:

  • APM metrics, both real-time and historical data, including health maps. And, select the transaction icon-txn-list-ios icon for detailed transaction metrics, or an Overview Charts to view summary charts of your top five transactions.
  • New Relic Infrastructure utilization.
  • Mobile monitoring, including crash reports, network errors, API calls, and active user count.
  • Select the filter icon to filter by labels and categories.
  • Event notifications, including mobile alerts wherever you are, plus deployment notifications and notes.

Note: New Relic's Android app does not have the full feature set of the New Relic web interface. For more detailed analysis, sign in to your New Relic account with a web browser.

Time range

When viewing an application or host, you can change the visible time frame by using the time picker icon in the top right of the page (the 7D in the screenshot). This feature is similar to the standard New Relic time picker. Features include:

  • Scrub the New Relic charts to move back and forth in the timeline.
  • Select the time picker to choose a time range that ends now (from 30 minutes to 90 days ago).

New Relic Synthetics

You can use the Android app to view your New Relic Synthetics data, including charts of your monitor's availability, load times, and load sizes. Select the caret icon to view more detailed charts. You can mute or disable your monitor, and view details of any recent errors. For scripted monitors, you can view and search the script log.


When you log in to your New Relic account from the Android app, your device is automatically associated with your user channel. Then, you can add your user channel to your target policy to receive alerts. For Android alerts, notifications appear on your lock screen and can be viewed by tapping the alert.

You can select any alert to view error details or acknowledge the alert. New Relic also sends a push notification when a colleague acknowledges an open event. Then, New Relic sends a final, closing notification when all Critical events end.

Mobile apps

If you have a mobile application and have installed mobile monitoring, you can monitor its performance directly from your Android device. Mobile monitoring includes network errors, API calls, and number of active users. You can also view detailed individual crash reports for a deeper understanding of a particular crash incident.

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