No log data appears in the UI


You're not seeing expected log data in the New Relic UI after ten minutes of installing the infrastructure agent, the agent, or setting up log forwarding.


If no data appears after you set up a log-reporting solution and wait about five minutes, try the following:

Logs troubleshooting


Infrastructure and APM agents

These agents are designed to automatically report log data. This is referred to as logs-in-context. If you don't see that data, or want to do additional configuration, some options:

For APM:

  • Review our docs on enabling APM logs-in-context.
  • Make sure your APM agent is a version that supports logs-in-context. Here are details on supported agents and versions:
    • Java logs in context (agent v7.6.0 or higher)
      • Log4j1 1.2.17 or higher
      • Log4j 2.6 or higher
      • Logback 1.1 or higher
      • JUL (java.util.logging) JDK 8+
      • JBoss Logging 1.3.0.Final to 2.x
      • Dropwizard Logging
    • .NET logs in context (agent v9.7.0.0 or higher)
      • NLog: 4.1+ (.NET Framework), 4.5+ .NET Core requires .NET agent v9.7 or higher.
      • Serilog: 2.0 or higher (.NET Framework), 2.5+ (.NET Core). Requires .NET agent v9.7.0 or higher.
      • Microsoft.Extensions.Logging: 3.0+. Requires .NET agent v9.7.0 or higher (.NET Core), .NET agent v10.0.0 or higher (.NET Framework).
      • Log4net, Serilog, Nlog
    • Node.js logs in context (agent v8.11.0 or higher)
      • Winston 3.0.0 or higher
      • Pino 7.0.0 or higher
      • Bunyan 1.8.12 or higher
    • Python logs in context (agent v7.12.0.176 or higher)
      • Logging libraries supported: logging and loguru
    • Ruby logs in context (agent v8.6.0 or higher)
      • Logger Class (Ruby standard library logger)
    • Go logs in context (agent v3.19.1 or higher)
      • Standard Library Log
      • Zerolog
      • Logrus PHP logs in context (agent v10.1.0)
      • Monolog (version 2 or 3)
  • You can use our Groundskeeper app to see if your APM agent is up-to-date.

For the infrastructure agent: see logging config options.

Access to data

It's possible you may not have the right permissions or account access. See Factors affecting access to features and data.


If you've set up log forwarding, ensure you've installed a compatible log forwarder.

Status codes

Check the response status code being returned from the New Relic log collection endpoint. For example, you might see:

HTTP Error 403: Forbidden. Review your license key.

This error means that you're using an invalid security key. New Relic requires a to enable log shipping.

An HTTP 202 response indicates success.


Run a query using the NrIntegrationErrors event to see if any errors are related to logging. For example, look for messages like:

Error unmarshalling message payload

Query Log

Try querying the Log data type:


If no data appears in the query builder, then no data will appear in the Logs UI. For more information, see our docs about data query options.