Kubernetes plugin for log forwarding

If your log data is already being monitored by Fluent Bit, you can use our Fluent Bit output plugin to forward and enrich your log data in New Relic. This plugin is also provided in a standalone Docker image that can be installed in a Kubernetes cluster in the form of a DaemonSet. We refer to this as our Kubernetes plugin.

Forwarding your Kubernetes logs to New Relic will give you enhanced log management capabilities to collect, process, explore, query, and alert on your log data.

Enable Kubernetes for log management

To forward your logs to New Relic with our Kubernetes plugin for Fluent Bit:

  1. Make sure you have:
  • An
  • Kubernetes cluster deployed
  1. Follow the procedures in GitHub to install the Kubernetes plugin.
  2. Optional: If you are installing the plugin as a Helm chart, you can set numerous configurations. However, we recommend the standard setup, as it is valid for most users.
  3. Generate some traffic and wait a few minutes, then check your account for data.

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View log data

If everything is configured correctly and your data is being collected, you should see data logs in both of these places:


If no data appears after you enable our log management capabilities, follow our standard log troubleshooting procedures.

What's next?

Explore logging data across your platform with our Logs UI.

Disable log forwarding

To disable log forwarding capabilities, follow standard procedures in Kubernetes documentation. You do not need to do anything else in New Relic.