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Install log monitoring to bring things together

Log observability is essential to both understanding and using your data to the fullest by giving you information on how your users interact with your applications. We believe log observability should be easy to manage, easy to access, and easy to scale. New Relic lets you ingest any text-based data from any source, letting you easily manage large quantities of your data in one place.

Once you've set your logs up, you can even utilize machine learning to help you find patterns and anomalies fast without the need for manual querying. Like infrastructure and alert agents, we offer a host of guided installation options as well as preconfigured dashboards and alerts. And also like infrastructure and application agents, you can try out logging for free.

Your log monitoring solution

Logs in the New Relic UI are found under the Logs section. The hard part with log data is usually figuring out what matters. But it's also important to connect what's happening in your logs with the rest of your system. So we surface relevant logs in APM, infrastructure, and elsewhere to help you troubleshoot.

You can automatically pinpoints events, errors, traces, and spans among your connected entities with just a single click, keeping you in one place and getting you to what you're looking for that much faster. Our log monitoring solution:

  • Enables deep visibility into your entity data, letting you see how your system works together
  • Helps reduce your mean time to resolution (MTTR), letting you respond to issues faster
  • Gives you the ability to create curated charts, dashboards, and alerts, giving you as detailed a look into your data as you want
  • Provides the ability to visualize, search, and troubleshoot performance issues in one central location without the need to switch between tools

Get started with New Relic log monitoring

Once installed, your log monitoring is done in the Logs section of the UI, exactly like it is in Datadog. You can use our guided installations for logs after setting up any of our infrastructure or APM agents.

The steps for setting up logs varies depending on the data source, but no matter which you choose, you can rest assured knowing we'll guide you through every step of the process to make it as easy and straightforward as possible. You can see our list of guided installations for logs by selecting one.newrelic.com > Add Data > Logging in the New Relic UI.

Explore your premade dashboard

New Relic's log monitoring gives you a premade central location with a variety of information available from the moment you set up the integration. No setup time required: just install the monitor and begin finding the data you need quickly.

The logs UI has four key sections:

  • An All logs summary page that displays all your ingested logs and gives you the option to sort, filter, and add them to dashboards for quicker future access
  • An Attributes section that lists all your log attributes to make querying your logs easier
  • A Patterns section that helps reveal issues with your stack and gives you a foundation to build alerts
  • Real-time log monitoring via the Live tail capability, letting you monitor your log data as it occurs

Add preconfigured alerts

Go to one.newrelic.com > Add Data > Logging, then select the Alerts tab. You'll see a list of preset alerts to choose from. Once you add one to your account, you can customize the conditions to whatever you need them to be. Just select the option you want, add your account, plug-in your data with our guided install, and you'll be set! For more information on setting up premade alerts, see our documentation on adding dashboards and alerts.

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Set up observability for your infrastructure

2Install APM agents

Set up monitoring for your apps and services

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