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Install APM agents to monitor your apps

While setting up infrastructure monitoring provides a great foundation for understanding your systems, the best way to truly know your stack comes from monitoring your application performance. New Relic APM provides extensive, unified monitoring for all your applications.

That means we can better link your data through your apps and integrations, and provide more focused information for you through curated dashboards. That way, you get the level of depth and detail you need without having to hunt for what you want. And you can try out our extensive APM capabilities absolutely free.

Your APM solution

You may be used to integrations in Datadog, but in New Relic, we call these capabilities APM agents. We've set up our agents to give you deep detail about your app's performance while still being easy to setup. At New Relic, our agents are focused around language and linking the data they collect to other entities you've installed.

For example, an installed Java agent will collect metrics about your Java app (as well as your logs, events, and traces), and links together with an installed Ruby agent which does the same for Ruby. They link up with your infrastructure agents to provide a comprehensive, real-time view of all the data across your entire system, no matter the source. Our agents let you:

  • Monitor the performance and health of your apps in one central location
  • Use New Relic with open source tools such as OpenTelemetry
  • Automatically instrument metrics, events, and traces
  • Ingest your logs automatically
  • Manage service security without prior configuration

Get started with New Relic APM monitoring

Once the setup is complete, your APM data in New Relic is found in the APM and services section of the UI, which is the equivalent of the APM section in Datadog. You can follow a guided install for most of our agents at any time within one.newrelic.com by selecting one.newrelic.com > Add Data > All > Guided install, then selecting your agent from the APM (Application Monitoring) section.

You can also install our APM agents directly by using any of the tiles below. Our guided install walks you through the setup procedures for any of our APM agents so that you can observe your data right away. All you need is a free account and an application to monitor and you're ready to begin!

Java agent
.NET agent
C agent
Node.js agent
Go agent
PHP agent
Python agent
Ruby agent

Explore premade dashboards

Like with our infrastructure monitors, we give you access to out-of-the-box dashboards immediately upon setting up your APM integration. These dashboards are also pre-configured, giving you depth of information on a wide variety of data points.

Some of the most important areas that our APM dashboards automatically cover are:

  • Details on your core web vitals, across any time range you need on the Summary page, making app monitoring easier and more straightforward
  • Data on any incidents, vulnerabilities, error rates on deploymants, and information on the health of your entire stack from the same Summary page
  • A Recommendations page that gives you insight on how to fix errors and improve the health of your stack
  • A Triage section providing access to errors, logs, and vulnerability management with a single click, letting you fix issues as they arise without hunting for what the issue is
  • Event data as detailed as you want it from the Events section, with information on issues, deployments, and a thread profiler
  • A host of reports for SLA, service levels, scalability, capacity, and performance from the Reports section

Add preconfigured alerts

Go to one.newrelic.com > Add Data > Application monitoring, then select the Alerts tab. Just like in the infrastructure tutorial, you'll see a list of preset alerts to choose from. Once you add one to your account, you can customize the conditions to whatever you need them to be. Just select the option you want, add your account, plug-in your data with our guided install, and you'll be set! For more information on setting up premade alerts, see our documentation on adding dashboards and alerts.

1Install infrastructure agents

Set up observability for your infrastructure

2Install APM agents

Set up monitoring for your apps and services

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