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Introduction to New Relic Mobile (Unity)

Legacy feature


This document is for historical reference. Unity is no longer supported for new customers.


Monitor mobile app performance

The New Relic Unity plugin allows Unity developers to embed a New Relic Mobile agent (iOS or Android) in a Unity app build for mobile devices to monitor your app's performance. The plugin is written in C#, but it includes the native iOS and Android agents that embed the appropriate files for your build.

Install and configure

The Unity plugin includes iOS and Android agent files that will embed the appropriate files for your build. To instrument interactions and network requests, you must use the Unity API to manually instrument your code.

Use Unity SDK API

Use the New Relic Unity SDK API to further configure and extend the plugin's instrumentation.

Send custom events and attributes to Insights


The SDK can store up to 64 user-defined attributes at a time. If you attempt to store more than 64 attributes, the SDK returns false.

Use the following static methods in the NewRelicAgent namespace to send custom attributes and events to New Relic Insights. Methods that return boolean results return true if they succeed, or false if the operation did not complete.

The following methods are available for custom attributes and events:

Track custom network requests

New Relic Mobile's API provides several methods to track network requests and network failures. For example, use the noticeHttpTransaction family of methods to record HTTP transactions with several available levels of detail. If a network request fails, you can record details about the failure with noticeNetworkFailure.

Uninstall plugin

To uninstall the Unity plugin, use the project console to remove all related files and resources that were installed with the Unity package:

  1. Delete NewRelicAgent object from the Hierarchy pane of the Unity project console.
  2. From All Scripts, delete all the scripts that start with newrelic.

Then do the following as applicable:

  • From Assets > Plugin > iOS, delete the NewRelicIos, NewRelicUnityPlugin, post-build, and restore-framework files. Then remove the mod_pbxproj and NewRelicAgent.framework directories.
  • From Assets > Plugin > Android, delete the newrelic.android and NewRelicAndroid files. Then remove the LICENSE and README directories.

Unity release notes


These release notes are for historical reference. Unity is no longer supported for new customers.

For more help

If you need more help, check out these support and learning resources:

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