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Integration dashboards in Infrastructure: Transition guide

Starting August 10, 2018, New Relic integration dashboards are now located in Infrastructure, instead of in Insights as they were previously. This document is for users of integrations who were accustomed to the previous functionality. It describes the new functionality and gives recommendations for ensuring a problem-free transition to the new functionality.

New dashboard functionality

Previously, when you selected an Infrastructure integration's dashboard link, it would open up a data dashboard in New Relic Insights. Now, those dashboards open up in Infrastructure. If you have dashboards created before the new functionality, those dashboards will have links to open them in Insights.

Additionally, you have the ability to add charts to existing or new Insights dashboards, and share charts as images.

Your links to Insights dashboards will be removed at some point in the near future; there will be a notification in the UI announcing the removal date. To ensure an easy transition to the new functionality, consider the options below.

If you use integration dashboard URLs elsewhere (such as in bookmarks, in APIs, or in workbooks), you will need to update those URLs with the new Infrastructure dashboard URLs.

Recommended: Replicate dashboards in Insights

If you wish to retain an Insights dashboard, you will need to recreate it by adding an Infrastructure dashboard's charts to an Insights dashboard.

To recreate a dashboard:

  1. Mouse over an integration chart in Infrastructure, then select the overflow icon.
  2. Select Add to Insights dashboard.
  3. If adding to an existing dashboard, select the dashboard from the list. If creating a new dashboard, select Copy to a new dashboard and name the dashboard.
  4. Select Copy.
  5. Do this for all charts in a dashboard that you wish to add.

For more help

If you need more help, check out these support and learning resources:

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