New Relic Infrastructure Integrations SDK

New Relic Infrastructure includes a software development kit (SDK) for creating your own custom integrations. This extends Infrastructure so you can record arbitrary data from your hosts, which is collected by the Infrastructure agent and reported to New Relic. You can then view the data from your integration in New Relic Infrastructure and Insights, and alert on it with NRQL alert conditions.

screen-integrations-sdk-data-sample.png > Data explorer > (run a query): Use the Integrations SDK to create your own on-host integrations, which can record arbitrary data from your host. You can then view that data in New Relic Insights and New Relic Infrastructure.

Introduction to Integrations SDK. Learn what custom integrations are and get an overview of how to build one.

File specifications. How to structure each of the files required to build your custom integration. For instructions, see Integrations files.

Not seeing data? Troubleshooting tips if your custom integration isn't reporting data.