New Relic Insights

New Relic Insights is a software analytics resource to gather and visualize data about your software and what that data says about your business.

  • Use NRQL to quickly and easily create real-time dashboards to get immediate answers about end-user experiences, clickstreams, mobile activities, and server transactions.
  • Search through and create customizable charts for your metric timeslice data.
  • Query and chart event data from other New Relic products.
  • Send custom data to Insights query it and create customized charts.
Insights > sample dashboard. Query your event data and search your metric timeslice data to create customizable dashboards to monitor performance and business data.

Intro to Insights. Get an introduction to Insights to learn about the key features, the types of data you can send to and query in Insights, and minimum requirements to use Insights.

Intro to NRQL. Get basic information on NRQL syntax and how to use the query tool. For detailed information on each of NRQL's query components and aggregation functions, see NRQL reference.

Send custom data to Insights. Add your own custom data by inserting custom events or adding custom attributes to existing events.

Explore data sent to Insights. Get information on the sources of Insights data. Use NRQL and the event explorer to sample, query, and chart your event data. Use metric explorer to search and chart your metric timeslice data. Use the event data dictionary to explore event types and their attributes from all New Relic data sources.

Insights query API. Use the Insights query API to programmatically retrieve and use the data somewhere else.

Visualize your data. Get information about the various widgets to visualize your Insights data.

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