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Insights usage UI page



This feature is currently in private beta.

For paid New Relic Insights subscriptions, the Insights usage UI page displays the billable data your Insights account is using. Data displayed will depend on several factors, including your account type and your user role.

Find account usage UI page

To find the Insights account usage UI page: Go to insights.newrelic.com > (account dropdown) > Account settings > Usage, and select Insights usage.


For standalone accounts and some sub-accounts with limited permissions, you'll be able to see only that account's details.

Understand usage display

Paid Insights accounts measure data usage by the number of events stored in the Insights database. The usage page displays only paid events, meaning events that count towards your paid subscription. It does not display events that are included free as part of other New Relic product subscriptions.

For more on Insights data retention rules, see Insights data retention.

New Relic Insights account usage UI page

insights.newrelic.com > (account dropdown) > Account settings > Usage > Insights usage. This shows the usage UI page for an Insights sub-account whose master account has gone over its allotted data usage.

Some tips for understanding sub-account data:

  • The usage table includes a % of paid account column: this indicates the percentage of a sub-account's usage divided by the total usage of the paid subscription (e.g, a parent account's total allowed data usage). For this reason, a sub-account's percentages in this column will usually add up to less than 100%.
  • Depending on your user permissions and account type, you may not be able to see the total number of events your account is licensed to use.

Data overages and managing data collection

The account usage UI page displays when an account goes over its allotted data usage. Recommendations for managing data collection, to ensure more or less data is stored:

  • Contact your New Relic account representative to help increase your subscription or to change the retention period for event categories.
  • Turn on/off data collection for specific applications or events via the Manage data UI page.
  • If you use the Insights API or agent APIs (APM, Browser, Mobile) to insert Insights events, changing your use of those APIs can increase/decrease data collection.

For more help

If you need more help, check out these support and learning resources:

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