Prometheus integrations

The Prometheus integrations of New Relic helps you to get curated experiences for services that expose metrics in Prometheus or Open Metrics format bundling everything you need to start monitoring like a pro right out of the box. These experiences include service entities in Explorer with golden metrics and entity dashboards, a service overview dashboard, and recommended alerts.

Get started

To get started you need to send Prometheus metric data to New Relic. Each service might require additional prerequisites to enable and configure the metrics endpoint to be scrapped. You can review specific settings and requirements for each particular service in the Prometheus integrations list.

Find and use the data


Prometheus metrics are stored as dimensional metrics. You can query using NRQL or use the Data Explorer to browse available metrics, facet, and filter by dimensions.


Most of the integrations provide curated entities that are automatically identified and available in New Relic Explorer enabling all the platform capabilities such as golden metrics, entity dashboards, workloads, lookout, and service levels.


You can import service through New Relic I/O. Dashboards provide a high-level overview of the service performance and follow the recommended observability best-practices for each service. Once you imported, you can adapt and customize them to your specific requirements.


You can import the recommended alert policies through New Relic I/O. Once imported, alert conditions based on NRQL queries are available, but they won't be automatically enabled. Review the notification settings and adjust the condition as needed before turning them on.

Prometheus integrations list

New Relic offers curated experiences for these services: