Snowflake integration

With our Snowflake dashboard, you can easily monitor the health of your storage systems and warehouses, track query performance, and get a total overview of potential security incidents.

Built with our infrastructure agent, the Snowflake integration gives you a set of pre-built that let you view your most critical query data, all in one place.

After setting up the Snowflake integration with New Relic, see your data in dashboards like these, right out of the box.

Install the infrastructure agent

To see your Snowflake data in New Relic, install our infrastructure agent. The infrastructure agent collects data from Snowflake and sends that data to New Relic, where you can use performance metrics dashboards to keep track of how your Snowflake storage system is doing.

There are two methods to install the infrastructure agent:

Integrate Snowflake with New Relic

To integrate the infrastructure agent with your Snowflake app, follow the below procedures between this doc and the New Relic Snowflake repo.

Once you've followed all these steps, return to this doc to install the to your New Relic account.

Create custom queries

You can send your own customized metrics to New Relic. Once you've added these custom queries, you can monitor them on a dashboard.

Below are two examples of custom queries.

See Snowflake metrics in a dashboard

Once you've installed the Snowflake quickstart, you can see your critical Snowflake data in New Relic.

  1. Go to, then click Metrics & events.
  2. Run either NRQL queries to view your Snowflake metrics: SELECT * FROM SnowflakeAccount or SELECT * FROM SnowflakeVirtualWarehouse.
  3. Once you've confirmed that New Relic ingested your Snowflake metrics, go to Dashboards from to see your Snowflake dashboards.

What's next?

To learn more about building NRQL queries and generating dashboards, check out these docs: