Amazon Textract integration

New Relic infrastructure integrations now include an integration for AWS Textract, sending its metrics data to New Relic.

This document explains the integration's features, how to activate it, and what data can be reported.


Collect and send telemetry data to New Relic from your Textract app using our integration. Monitor your services, query incoming data, and build dashboards to observe everything at a glance.

Report data

We have two options for reporting this data. The recommended path is setting up our Amazon CloudWatch Metric Streams integration. Alternatively, you can use our older Amazon integration that relies on polling.

Find and use data

Data from this integration is attached to the Metric data type. To find your integration's metrics, go to > Metrics and events and filter by aws.textract.

Metric data

Metric (min, max, average, count, sum)





The time that it took to respond to a request.



The number of server errors. The HTTP response code range for a server error is 500 to 599.



The number of successful translation requests. The response code for a successful request is 200 to 299.



The number of requests subject to throttling.



The number of user errors that occurred. The HTTP response code range for a user error is 400 to 499.

Tips on using your data

You can create alerts to notify you of any developing changes. For example, an alert can be set up to notify relevant parties of critical or fatal errors. Learn more about creating alerts.