Gateway API: import data from other observability platforms

Our Gateway API allows users of third-party observability services, like Datadog, to send that data to New Relic.


This feature is currently in preview and at this time only supports DataDog. For questions, contact

Overview of how Gateway API works

With the Gateway API enabled, when data arrives it's copied and sent both to the original endpoint and to New Relic's data transformation service. The transformation service converts the data to a New Relic-supported format and then sends the data to our ingest APIs, making it available for querying and building charts and dashboards.


Requirements for the Gateway API:

  • This feature is currently in preview: for details, see our pre-release policy.
  • Only supports DataDog:agent 6.x or higher.

How to enable for DataDog

Here's an overview of the steps for enabling the Gateway API for DataDog:

  1. For DataDog: Our account representatives will work with you to map your Datadog API keys to New Relic keys.

  2. For each agent configuration file, point the data to An example for DataDog: in the agent’s datadog.yaml file, you’d change these settings:

    use_compression: true
    use_http: true
  3. Reboot the agent for each host.

Use data in New Relic

Telemetry data brought in from third-party platforms doesn't map perfectly to our data structure. We will continue to align data structure mapping but currently there are some limitations for that. Here are some important aspects of data transformation:

  • Each data type (metrics, logs, traces, events) goes through its relevant ingest API. For restrictions and limits, see those API docs.
  • There are no default UI experiences (for example, charts or dashboards) built with this data, but this data can be queried with NRQL and used to create custom charts and dashboards.