In New Relic products, the Permalink button creates a URL that displays the charts and data for the selected time range for the current page. Permalinks can be used to share data and charts with colleagues, New Relic support staff, or anyone who has access to your New Relic account.

Only people who can log into your New Relic account are able to view your permalink data.

Create and share a permalink

To create a permalink:

  1. At the bottom of a New Relic UI page, select Permalink.
  2. Paste the permalink URL where you'd like to share it: for example, in an email or online form.

Use a permalink for support issues

Here are two ways you might use permalinks when corresponding with New Relic support:

  • If you are posting a topic to the New Relic Online Technical Community, you can paste a permalink URL into the text box.
  • If you are contacting New Relic Technical Support, you can paste the permalink URL into the Description area of a support ticket.

Troubleshoot missing permalink data

If a permalink points to data that has expired, no metric data will appear. Your subscription level determines the data retention time period before data expires.

For more help

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