Custom Dashboards (legacy)


Custom dashboards is a legacy feature. New Relic recommends using the Metric Explorer in Insights to:

  • Search all your metric timeslice data, including custom metrics
  • Create customizable metric charts
  • Add metric charts to Insights dashboards

The Custom Dashboards feature (v2) allows you to create dashboards containing charts and tables with metric timeslice data from New Relic agents, plugins, and the API. It also provides a way to view your custom metrics by adding them to your custom dashboard.

Access to this feature depends on your subscription level.


Custom dashboards are useful for creating unique overviews that present data differently than New Relic does out of the box. For example, you can:

  • Show web and mobile application information, custom metric data, and plugin metric data all on a single custom dashboard.
  • Create dashboards that present charts and tables with a uniform size and arrangement on a grid.
  • Select existing New Relic charts for your dashboard, or create your own charts and tables.
New Relic custom dashboard example
Tools > Custom dashboards > (selected dashboard): Here is an example of a custom dashboard with charts from a web app, mobile app, host, and plugin.

Viewing custom dashboards

To view, edit, or delete custom dashboards: From the New Relic menu bar, select Tools > Custom dashboards > (selected custom dashboard). After you select a custom dashboard, a partial list appears above it. To view the complete list of custom dashboards and custom views, select View all.

From the selected custom dashboard, use any of New Relic's standard user interface functions and dashboard features to drill down into detailed information.

Exception: The Embed function is not available with custom dashboards.

Legacy custom dashboards

As of February 2014, New Relic launched an improved Custom Dashboards feature (v2) that allows you to create custom dashboards that present charts from web and mobile applications, hosts, custom metric data, and plugin metric data. Charts created with the original technology, called "legacy custom dashboards," show data only for the selected application.

You can still create, view, edit, and delete legacy custom dashboards. However, the available data is limited to the selected application.

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