Create custom dashboards

Custom dashboards is a legacy feature. New Relic recommends using the Metric Explorer in Insights to:

  • Search all your metric timeslice data, including custom metrics
  • Create customizable metric charts
  • Add metric charts to Insights dashboards

Custom dashboards plot metric timeslice data (but not event data) from applications, mobile applications, servers, or plugins you select during the create or edit process.

Access to this feature depends on your subscription level.


The Metrics value you select will affect the type and amount of information that appears on your chart or table. For example, to select multiple metrics and plot a multi-series graph on your dashboard, you can use:

  • Specific metric values, such as WebTransaction/accounts/create (referred to as Controller/accounts/create for Ruby users)
  • Wildcards, such as WebTransaction/*(referred to as Controller/* for Ruby users)

For more information, see Selecting custom dashboard metrics.

Create the dashboard structure

Create new custom dashboard
Tools > Create custom dashboard: Give your new custom dashboard a name, and select the layout style (overview or grid) for it. Then you can add charts and tables to it.

To create a new custom dashboard:

  1. From the New Relic menu bar, select Tools > Create custom dashboard.
  2. Type the dashboard's title, or keep the default name.
  3. Optional: To create a dashboard with the selected application data only, select the Legacy mode checkbox.
  4. Select the layout (Overview or Grid), and select Create.

    You cannot change the layout type after the dashboard is created.

  5. Continue with the procedures to add charts, tables, and data to your dashboard.

Add charts, tables, and data

After you give the new dashboard a name and select the layout, you can add one or more charts or tables to it. You can also select the type of information that will appear in each chart or table.

Create a custom dashboard
Tools > Create custom dashboard > Add chart or table: Select the values for the chart or table. When finished, select Save and finish to view the chart on your custom dashboard. Then, when finished adding charts and tables to your custom dashboard, select I'm done editing.
  1. From the dashboard layout page, select Add chart or table.
  2. Select the Agent type: Web application, Mobile application, Server, or Plugin.
  3. Select your choice from the list of available agents for the selected type; for example, a specific web application, mobile application, server host or instance, or plugin component or instance.
  4. Select how the information will appear on your dashboard (Visualizer): chart or table.
  5. From the preview widget, fill in the fields as applicable.
  6. To save the chart or table in your dashboard and view it, select Save and preview.


    To exit without saving your edits, click anywhere outside the widget.

  7. To exit and go to your custom dashboard, select Save and finish.
  8. When finished with your custom dashboard, select I'm done editing.

Complete your custom dashboard

After you select Save and finish, you can continue adding more charts and tables (maximum of 15) to your custom dashboard. You can also make changes to existing charts and tables or delete them.

When your custom dashboard is finished, select I'm done editing. Your custom dashboard appears with options to edit or delete it.

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