Add custom content to a dashboard using Markdown

You can add your own custom content to a dashboard in New Relic using the Markdown language. With Markdown, you can add text, links, and images to a dashboard. You can also share this information with others.

The Markdown editor contains a Markdown pane, where you enter your content, as well as a Preview pane of it. For more information about Markdown syntax options, see the Commonmark website.

Add or edit content

To add custom content to a dashboard:

  1. Go to > Dashboards > (select a dashboard).
  2. From the dashboard's page, click the add [plus-square icon] icon, then select your choice.
  3. Use the Markdown editor to enter your text.
  4. Click Add to dashboard/Save.

To edit content:

  1. Click the ellipses [ellipsis icon] icon.
  2. Select Edit.
  3. Use the Markdown pane to edit your content, then save.

For more help

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