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CodeStream permalinks

New Relic CodeStream's permalinks can be shared with anyone, whether it's via Slack, email, or whatever messaging service you use.

CodeStream has built-in mechanisms for sharing to Slack, Microsoft Teams, or issue-tracking services, like Jira, Trello, etc., but you can also grab the link for any comment, issue or feedback request to share it elsewhere. An existing Jira ticket. A wiki. A thread in your messaging service. Whatever the case may be, just look for the Copy link option under the ellipses menu.

A screenshot showing the copy link option

Whenever someone clicks the link, after authenticating with CodeStream, they'll automatically be redirected through the web to their IDE, where the discussion is automatically opened. In the case of a comment or issue, the source file opens and scrolls to the corresponding block of code.

CodeStream does its best to determine which IDE to open, largely based on the IDE that you last used to access CodeStream. However, you can always return to the web page that was opened and select any IDE you'd like to use. Your selection will be remembered the next time you open a discussion associated with the same repository.

If you’re using a JetBrains IDE, install the Toolbox app so that CodeStream can deep link into the IDE.

Permalinks for code blocks

Sometimes you don’t necessarily want to comment on a block of code, but instead just want to easily share the code with a teammate. CodeStream's permalinks are living links that always point to the code in question, even if it's moved to a different location in the file.

Select the code in your editor and then click the Get Permalink button to get a permalink for that code.

A screenshot showing how to create a permalink

Decide whether you want the permalink to be public or private, with private permalinks requiring CodeStream authentication before the code can be viewed.

A screenshot showing the private/non-private toggle

Copy your permalink and paste it anywhere you'd like to share the block of code.

Like with comments, issues and feedback requests, whenever someone clicks the permalink, they're automatically redirected through the web to their IDE, where the source file will be opened and scrolled to the corresponding block of code.

![A redirected permalink]](/images/PermalinkPage4.png "redirected-permalink")

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