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CodeStream sidebar overview

The New Relic CodeStream sidebar surfaces all the items you need to see, and do, in a customizable tree-based view that is always available.

A screenshot of the CodeStream sidebar sections

The main sidebar sections are: pull requests, feedback requests, codemarks, observability, and issues.

Sidebar overview

Here's a quick overview of the sidebar sections:

  • Pull requests: If your team uses GitHub or GitHub Enterprise to host your code, you'll see all of your open pull requests listed here. Click a specific pull request to start reviewing or editing it.
  • Feedback requests: If you've been assigned a feedback request or you've requested feedback from someone else, find those listed here.
  • Codemarks: Codemarks are the discussions that annotate your codebase. Codemarks are created pull requests, feedback requests, or through ad hoc code comments/issues. All of the codemarks in your current repository are listed for reference.
  • Observability: Track errors assigned to you in New Relic One and discover recent errors in the repositories you have open in your IDE.
  • Issues: See all of your open issues, across multiple services, in one place. Click a specific issue to update its status, create a feature branch to do your work, and update your status on Slack.

The CodeStream sidebar is completely customizable:

  • Drag and drop the sections to reorder them.
  • Click and drag a section divider to resize the sections on either side.
  • Expand or collapse each section as needed.
  • Click the maximize button in each section to fill the whole screen. This is useful when you're looking at a longer list. Click it again to return to your previous view.

The username menu

A screenshot of the username menu items.

The username menu gives you options for managing your account, your organization, how you receive notifications, and what sections are visible.

Here are descriptions of each menu item:

  • Account: View your profile. Includes various options for customizing the profile photo, email, username, and full name for your account.
  • View: Uncheck sections you're not interested in seeing.
  • Notifications: Manage how and what notifications you receive.
  • Organization admin: Manage your organization settings. Also, export your data and delete your organization.
  • Switch organization: Use this if you're a member of more than one organization.
  • Integrations: Connect CodeStream to the code host, issue, and messaging providers you use.
  • New Relic setup: Connect your New Relic account to CodeStream to get the most out of New Relic CodeStream's observability tools.
  • Feedback: Got feedback for us? Write a GitHub issue.
  • Help: Links to documentation, our video library, keybindings, the CodeStream workflow, what's new, and reporting an issue.

Header menu items

A screenshot of the CodeStream header menu.

The header menu items provide different options for creating and discovering content in your organization. From left to right: Create, Activity feed, My organization, and Filter & search.

  • + (Compose): Click to create a code comment/issue, request feedback on changes, or to create a pull request.
  • Activity feed: The activity feed will let you know about new code comments/issues and feedback requests, as well as replies to existing ones.
  • My organization: See who is in your CodeStream organization, invite new members, and create blame maps.
  • Filter & search: The filter a search tools enable you to slice and dice your team’s collection of code comments, issues, and feature requests however you see fit.
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