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Slack and CodeStream

Connect New Relic CodeStream to your team's Slack workspace.

Sharing a codemark or feedback request to Slack is a great way to reach people who haven’t yet joined CodeStream or maybe don’t spend a lot of time in their IDE. They can even participate in the discussion directly from Slack.

Share to Slack

When posting a codemark or feedback request, clicking the Slack link at the bottom of the form will take you off to the web to authenticate with one of your Slack workspaces.

Once you’ve connected to a workspace, select the channel you'd like to share to from the dropdown list.

You can also share to a direct message. Click on the names of each person to include in the conversation.

When sharing to Slack, CodeStream's bot is included in the conversation, and this is what allows replies to be synced between the platforms. In the case of direct messages, note that you're technically creating a conversation that includes the selected participants as well as CodeStream's bot. Keep this in mind when looking for the conversation in your list of direct messages on Slack.

By default, CodeStream will remember where you last shared to and the form will default to the same selection the next time. Click the gear menu at the top if you’d like to set a default channel to use based on the repository associated with the selected code block.

You can also share an existing post to Slack, assuming that it hasn't already been shared. Go to a codemark or feedback request and look for the Share option under the ellipses menu. The Shared To section in the display of a codemark or feedback request will let you know if and where it has been shared. Click on the conversation name to open it on Slack.

Participate from Slack

The best part about sharing to Slack is that your teammates can participate in the conversation right from Slack. Even teammates that aren't part of your CodeStream organization. Just click "Reply in thread" to add a reply, as you would with any other Slack post, and the replies will appear on CodeStream as well.

Similary, replies added via CodeStream will automatically get added to the thread on Slack, triggering all of the expected notifications. Now that's cross-platform collaboration!

In the example above, the CodeStream reply from mpeterson appears on Slack as a bot post because mpeterson isn't in the given channel on Slack (or may simply not be connected to Slack on CodeStream).

Open in IDE

Click Open in IDE to view both the code and the discussion right inside your IDE. You’re first taken through a CodeStream web page where you’ll choose which IDE to open. CodeStream remembers your selection the next time you view a discussion from the same repository. You’re then taken to the appropriate source file in your IDE, scrolled to the relevant block of code, with the discussion displayed in the CodeStream pane. If you don’t happen to have that repository open in your IDE, CodeStream automatically opens the source file for you (assuming you’ve opened that repository previously, with CodeStream installed, so that we know where to find it).

If you’re using a JetBrains IDE, install the Toolbox App so that CodeStream can deep link into the IDE.

Open on GitHub (or Bitbucket or GitLab)

If the code block is from a repository hosted on GitHub, Bitbucket, or GitLab, this button will take you to the corresponding block of code on that hosting service.

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