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CodeStream notifications

New Relic CodeStream will notify you about codemarks and feedback requests that you follow. Look for the Notifications option under your user profile menu at the top of the CodeStream pane.

Notifications for codemarks and feedback requests

By default, you're set to automatically follow any codemark or feedback request that you created, where you’ve been mentioned (either in the original post or in a subsequent reply), or to which you’ve replied. You can always choose to follow or unfollow any individual codemark or feedback request via its ellipses menu.

You can choose whether you want to be notified via email, desktop, or both. Email notifications are sent immediately, and you can participate in the discussion by replying to the email. Your reply will get added to CodeStream as a reply to the appropriate codemark or feedback request. Be sure that when you reply you're doing so from the same email address where the notification was sent (that is, your email address listed in My Organization on CodeStream).

Desktop notifications in the IDE are only available if you’re using VS Code or a JetBrains IDE.

Click the Open button to open the discussion so that you can participate.

Additional email notifications

CodeStream also offers the following email notifications.

  • Send me an email reminder for outstanding feedback requests: Get an email reminder about open feedback requests assigned to you that you haven't responded to in the last 24 hours.
  • Send me weekly emails summarizing my activity: Sent every Monday with information about you and your organization's activity for the previous week.

Additional desktop notifications

CodeStream also offers the following desktop notifications.

  • Notify me about new unreviewed commits from teammates when I pull: Any time you pull, if there are new commits from a teammate on the current branch you'll get a toast notification. Click the Review button to start reviewing your teammate's changes and provide feedback.
  • Notify me about pull requests assigned to me: If you've connected to GitHub, GitHub Enterprise, GitLab or GitLab Self-Managed to leverage CodeStream's pull request integration, you'll also be notified when a pull request is assigned to you or you are added as a reviewer.

Click the Open button to open the pull request right in your IDE where you can review the changes.

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