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Cloud instance optimizer: Find underused virtual machines


When you need to locate any underused virtual machines (VMs), use New Relic Infrastructure’s cloud instance optimizer. The optimizer provides grouping and filtering to help you evaluate VMs by attributes that matter the most to you, as well as default widgets that help you quickly find underused resources by cost, time, and specific groups.


To use the cloud instance optimizer:

  1. Connect your cloud account to New Relic.
  2. Enable the cloud integration for virtual machines (Amazon AWS EC2, Azure Virtual Machines, Google Compute Engine).

Use the cloud instance optimizer

You can select a time period to evaluate (recommendation: at least three days), and filter the virtual machines for any attribute: metadata, tags, etc. You can also change the CPU usage threshold if you don’t want to use a predefined value.

To access the cloud instance optimizer:

  1. Go to one.newrelic.com > Cloud instance optimizer.
  2. From Cloud account, select the cloud account you want to explore and analyze.
  3. To identify virtual machines that have been working below a specific level for at least one hour, select CPU usage threshold.
  4. Select the Time frame for evaluating CPU usage (recommendation: at least three days).
  5. To identify VMs by specific attributes or groups, use the filter bar.
  6. To identify CPU usage by time, groups, or cost, use the default widgets.
  7. To understand the different metadata profiles of your underused VMs, use the Show insights feature.

The Instance details section lists the virtual machines deemed underused according to the filter criteria you selected, as well as some useful key performance indicators (KPIs) for each.

Identify usage by time, groups, or cost

The cloud instance optimizer includes default widgets to help you evaluate VMs:

  • Total instances over time shows the evolution over time of the total amount of underused virtual machines according to your selected filters.
  • Total instances by group shows the total amount of virtual machines according to your selected group. You can click on any of the groups to add it as a filter and narrow down the amount of virtual machines you want to explore.
  • Estimated cost (in US dollars) shows the estimated economical impact of the underused time of your virtual machines. We use public prices to calculate this amount, so your actual final cost may be different depending on your particular deal with the cloud vendor.

You can add any of these widgets to your dashboards.

Identify cost-consuming groups

The Show insights feature shows you how your underused virtual machines differ from the rest of your virtual machines, in terms of attributes. This will help you to surface the most cost-consuming groups (specific region, team, product, etc.), and provide a starting point for cost optimization.

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