Automatically Slack colleagues about system changes

You can use Slack to notify your teams about activities you're following with the change tracking feature. For example, after you record a deployment using the change tracking NerdGraph API (or the older deployment REST v2 API), you could notify your teams using a webhook endpoint for the deployment.

The destination of the webhook can be your Slack instance. To use webhooks to set up a deployment notification for a Slack channel:

  1. Log in to your Slack account as an admin, then go to App directory > Manage > Apps.
  2. Search for your New Relic app, then select Add configuration.
  3. From Post to channel, select an existing Slack channel or add a new channel, then select Add configuration.
  4. From the list of options, copy the webhook URL.
  5. Go to > (user menu) > Account settings > Integrations > Deploy notifications > Webhook.
  6. Paste the Slack webhook URL and then save your changes.
  7. (Optional) Send a test message.

If you have questions about how to capture changes so you'll be able to set up a Slack notification, see Start tracking your changes.