SPA compatibility and requirements

In order to set up Single Page Application (SPA) monitoring for browser monitoring, make sure your app meets these SPA monitoring requirements.

Browser agent version

SPA monitoring requires an SPA-specific version of the browser snippet, available for browser agent version 885 or higher.

Browser types

SPA monitoring requires the addEventListener browser API and the Navigation Timing API. Both APIs are available in all modern browsers, including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, and Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) versions 9 or higher.

Framework requirements

Because SPA instrumentation works by wrapping low-level browser APIs, it is framework-agnostic. SPA instrumentation is compatible with most SPA frameworks, such as Angular, Backbone, Ember, and React. It can also instrument requests made using JSONP.

Below are known compatibility issues:

  • If your application uses AngularJS and you want to use browser's SPA monitoring capabilities, Zone.js versions 0.6.18-0.6.24 are not compatible with the SPA agent.
  • The html2pdf.js library is not compatible with the SPA agent.
  • Angular versions 12 through 14 contains a limitation around the size of individual script elements contained within the index HTML source. See this troubleshooting page for more information.

Security when collecting hash fragments

New Relic collects and saves hash fragments from route change URLs. If you use hashes to pass private or sensitive data, that data may be visible to your New Relic account users. Follow browser's guidelines for security with data collection and reporting.