Change your browser agent type

If you got started with the free version of New Relic and you're ready to optimize all our powerful browser monitoring features, you can upgrade your agent from Browser+Lite to Browser Pro or Browser+SPA.

To change your browser edition type, go to > Browser > (select an app) > Settings > Application settings.

Here are some comparisons between the different browser agent types to help you decide which one best fits your needs:

Browser agent types: Lite, Pro, Pro+SPA

We have three types of browser agents: Lite, Pro, and Pro+SPA. The agent type has no impact on your billing.

Browser agent type



This is the default installed agent when you enable browser monitoring.

What it includes:

  • Gives you access to all of the Browser Pro features and to Single Page App (SPA) monitoring.

  • Provides detailed page timing data and the most up-to-date New Relic features, including distributed tracing, for all types of applications.

    Pro+SPA is not limited only to single page applications. After install, you can downgrade anytime to the less advanced agents if you don't want or need SPA monitoring.


What it includes: Gives you access to the Browser Pro features.

What it doesn't include: Lacks the functionality designed for single page app monitoring.


What it includes: Gives you information about some basic page load timing and browser user information.

What it doesn't include: Lacks the Browser Pro features and SPA features.

Pricing details

Check out these docs to learn more about pricing for each browser agent type:

  • Usage-based pricing: This pricing model has data ingest as a billing factor. If you want to reduce data ingest, you may want to consider downgrading to lesser agent types after install.
  • Original pricing: Your access to browser monitoring features is gated by your subscription plan, not by the agent type. This means there is no reason not to use the default Pro+SPA agent.