Key transaction charts and data

In New Relic APM, every key transaction has its own Overview page and several other UI pages. Depending on the type of transaction (web or non-web), different information appears.

Overview page

When you select a transaction from the key transaction index, the key transaction's Overview page appears. The Overview page contains charts for response time, Apdex, throughput, and other data. It is similar to the main Overview page in New Relic APM, with standard New Relic page functions.

Map page

The Map page shows a visual representation of the links between a key transaction and activity in your other New Relic-monitored applications. This cross application tracing is useful for understanding how your systems work together and for locating bottlenecks. If no cross application transaction data is detected, this page will have no data.

SLA report page

The SLA report page for a key transaction displays Service Level Agreement reports for that transaction. The SLA reports include daily and weekly data about throughput, response time, and Apdex. You can also download the report as a comma-separated value (CSV) spreadsheet.


When you select a transaction from the key transaction index, you can also see options to view alert condition violations and set alert policies.

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