Using New Relic agents with FreeBSD

Much of New Relic's software runs on FreeBSD, but for some Linux-based agents there are some challenges.

New Relic agents

The Java and Ruby agents run fine on FreeBSD, as they are native code to their respective execution environments. The Python agent also supports FreeBSD.

PHP agent

New Relic supported the PHP agent on FreeBSD through version With the release of version, FreeBSD support was no longer available. Older versions of the agent will still report data to the collector.

While FreeBSD was the supported OS, the agent may also run on other BSDs for x86 and amd64 architectures only. New Relic compiled the earler release packages on FreeBSD 7.3 or higher. Recommendation: Use FreeBSD 7.4 or higher; releases earlier than 7.3 are not supported.

PHP users may encounter the following error with FreeBSD 8:

/libexec/ Shared object "" not found, required by "newrelic-daemon"

If you do, create a symlink from to the actual version of you have installed.

Note: Some versions of PHP shipped with FreeBSD do not come with the LINKTHR build option enabled; if yours doesn't, change it and rebuild PHP. Otherwise the agent will cause your web server to hang when processing PHP requests.

Server monitoring

The monitoring agent for New Relic Servers is a Linux binary, and it may run on *BSD using binary emulation. However, the statistic gathering methods the server monitor uses are totally irrelevant on BSD systems. If anything is reported, it will likely be wrong.

For more help

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