View alert history

APM's Alerts page shows a table of alerts over the past two weeks that you can drill down into detailed information, including throughput, error rate percentage, and history. You can view alert history for a specific application or for all applications.

Alerts for specific apps

To view a list of alerts for a specific app: Go to > Explorer > (select an app) > Events > Alerts.

The Alerts page shows a list of alerts over the past two weeks, if any. Use any of New Relic's standard UI features to drill down for more detail.

Each alert notification includes the alert icon and summary information. To view details about an alert notification on the alerts page, select its link. For example:

  • To view details about a specific alert, select its name.
  • To narrow the list of alerts, use the Filter.
  • To view all alerts for all of your apps and hosts, select the All alerts link.
  • To select a specific Java Virtual Machine (JVM) if applicable, select your choice from the JVMs menu.

Alerts across apps and hosts

To view history about Critical alerts and outages across all of your applications and hosts:

  1. Go to > Alerts & AI > Alert history.
  2. Optional: Select Show alerts for hidden applications.

The list separates alerts into categories, including:

  • In progress
  • Today
  • Yesterday
  • This week
  • Prior to last week

From here you can filter and select select specific incidents.