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On July 29, 2020, the enhanced chart rendering capabilities available in New Relic One will replace the embedded charts feature described in this document. New Relic One can render more chart visuals and behaviors than the one we are retiring. For more information, including what to do with your existing embedded charts, see New Relic's Explorers Hub post.

Get chart link from New Relic One

To embed charts from New Relic One:

  1. Go to one.newrelic.com.
  2. Use the entity explorer to select an entity to view.
  3. Find a chart that you want to embed.
  4. Click the [ellipsis icon] ellipsis icon, and select get chart link.

You can also share existing chart links in New Relic One.

Embedded chart rules

New Relic APM UI functions include an embedded charts feature that lets you embed a chart in a webpage. You can also display charts by using the Apple TV app or New Relic's apps for iOS and Android.

Embedded charts follow two rules:

Embedded charts Rules
Time range

Ending-now charts have dynamic time ranges, while custom date/time charts have static time ranges. For example:

  • If you create an embedded chart with a time range of Last 60 minutes ending now, that chart will dynamically update over time and will always showing the last hour of activity.
  • If you choose a custom date and time, the chart's time range will remain static and will not update.

Embedded charts will always show the specific metrics present when the embedded chart was created. For example:

  • If you create an embedded chart for the five most time-consuming web transactions for the last 60 minutes, that chart will always show the activity of those five specific transactions, even if those transactions cease to be among the five slowest.
  • If a metric stops reporting, the embedded chart will not replace the missing metric with another metric.
  • If you are missing metrics in embedded charts, follow the troubleshooting procedures.

Create an embedded chart

To create an embedded iframe chart:

  1. Plan how you want the data to be captured for the chart.
  2. Mouse over the chart in the New Relic user interface, and select More... > Embed.
  3. Copy the iframe HTML code, and paste it into a webpage.

Here is an example of the iframe code that New Relic creates with the Embed function. To adjust the size of the iframe on your webpage, edit the width and height (in pixels).

<iframe src="https://rpm.newrelic.com/public/charts/abcde12345" width="500" 
height="300" scrolling="no" frameborder="no"></iframe>
to embed a chart from New Relic, mouse over the chart and select more > embed
To get the iframe code for a chart, mouse over the chart and select More... > Embed.

Use existing embedded charts

To view, rename, or delete an existing embedded chart:

  1. Go to rpm.newrelic.com > Tools > Embedded charts > (select a chart).
  2. To rename an embedded chart in the list: Select the chart's title.
  3. To delete an embedded chart from the list: Select the chart's Delete [trash can] icon.

Embed Insights charts

You can also embed widgets in New Relic Insights charts to share custom data.

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