Application error rate example (v2)

This is an example of how to use the New Relic Data API (v2) to get your application's average error rate over a specific time period. This value appears as a percentage above the Error rate chart on your APM Summary page.

To use the API, you need:


The average percentage appears above the Error rate chart on your app's Summary page. New Relic uses this formula to calculate it:

Application Error Rate = 100 * Errors/all:error_count / (HttpDispatcher:call_count + OtherTransaction/all:call_count)

API commands

To obtain the metric timeslice values, use the following three commands. This example uses the same time period for each command, and they are all summarized.

To obtain the error count:

To get the HttpDispatcher call count (web application):

To get the OtherTransaction call count (non-web app):