View or update user email channels

New Relic Alerts automatically includes the email addresses for all users in the selected account as individual notification channels. If this is a sub-account, the list shows only the sub-account users, not all the users in the master account.

View account email channels

To view or search the list of user names and emails: Go to > Notification channels > Users.

Add or update user channels

Owner or Admins

Users cannot unsubscribe from alert email notifications. The account Owner or Admin must remove them from the policy's notification channel.

To add or update account users as notification channels for an alert policy:

  1. Go to > Notification channels > Users > (selected user) > Policy subscriptions.
  2. Optional: From the selected user, select any policy subscription already associated with the user as applicable to view policy details.
  3. Select Assign policies to channel, then follow standard procedures to search and select policies from the left pane.
  4. Review the list of selected policies for the user on the right pane, and remove (Remove X button or Clear all) any as needed.
  5. Select Update channel.

For more help

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