Delete alert notification channels


If you delete a channel, you cannot restore it. If you want to keep the notification channel, you can remove it from any associated alert policy.

Delete a channel

Owner, Admins, or add-on managers

To delete a channel permanently:

  1. Go to > Notification channels.
  2. Optional: To find the notification channel easily, search the Notification channels index.
  3. From the Notification channels index, select the channel's delete icon, and then select the confirmation prompt to cancel or continue.

When you delete (or remove) a channel, any alert policies associated with it will still remain. You must delete alert policies separately as applicable.

For more help

Additional documentation resources include REST API calls with New Relic Alerts (using New Relic's REST API (v2) and API Explorer to add, update, delete, or list New Relic Alerts data for your account).

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