Add or remove policy channels

New Relic Alerts offers flexibility with the alert policy setup and maintenance process. For example:

  • You can create notification channels first or create policies first.
  • Then you can add channels to policies, or add policies to channels, as explained in this document.
  • You can also remove channels from any policy, or remove policies from any channel.

Check assigned policies

To check whether a notification channel has any policies assigned to it: Go to > Notification channels. The Policy subscriptions column lists how many policies are assigned to the channel.

Associate channels with policies

Admins or Owner

Alerts v3: Adding channels to policies > Notification channels > (select a channel): You can add alert policies to a notification channel, or you can use the Alert policies page to select a policy and add notification channels to it.

To associate a notification channel with one or more policies:

  1. Go to > Notification channels > (select a channel) > Alert policies, then select Add alert policies.


    Go to > Alert policies > (select a policy) > Notification channel(s), then select Add channels to policy.

  2. To add channels to policies (or to add policies to channels), use the search or sort functions from the left pane if needed, then select one or more channels (or policies) as applicable.
  3. Review the list of selected channels (or policies) on the right pane, and remove (Remove X button or Clear all) any as needed.
  4. Select Update channel or Update policy as applicable.

For more help

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