Alert policy workflow

An alert policy can apply to one or more New Relic products. It can also contain one or more alert conditions and one or more notification channels. Account Admins and Owners can make an alert policy as simple or as complex as your organization requires.


With New Relic Alerts, maintenance functions are restricted by your assigned role in your New Relic account.

  • The account Owner and Admins can add, change, disable, and delete alert policies, conditions, and channels. They can also view incidents and events.
  • Users and Restricted Users can only view alert policies, conditions, channels, incidents, and events.
  • Any role can acknowledge an incident or close a violation.

This applies both to the New Relic Alerts user interface and to the New Relic REST API (v2).

Basic process

Each account can have a maximum of 5,000 alert policies. For additional data limits, see Minimum and maximum values for New Relic Alerts.

  1. Go to
  2. Start by giving the new policy a meaningful name (maximum 64 characters); for example, the group or team's name, or the set of resources or services the alert policy is targeting.
  3. Select your incident preference to specify how you want New Relic Alerts to notify you when multiple entities violate one or more alert conditions. Be sure to complete this step, because alert notifications are tied to incident open, incident acknowledge, and incident close events.
  4. Create one or more conditions in the policy that target your entities that are monitored by New Relic products (maximum 250 conditions per policy).
  5. Define thresholds that trigger the alert incident.
  6. Make sure each alert condition has a concise and meaningful name, to be used in notification messages to quickly identify the condition.
  7. Optional: Include the runbook URL so that personnel responsible can follow standard procedures efficiently to manage the alert.
  8. Create one or more alert notification channels, and assign one or more channels to the policy.
  9. Repeat the steps to add more conditions or notification channels to an alert policy as needed.

For more information, check out the New Relic University tutorial Alert Policies. Or, go directly to the full online course New Relic Alerting.

Alert policies for sub-accounts

If your New Relic account has one or more sub-accounts, the alert policies you create apply only to the selected account. Any sub-accounts do not automatically inherit the master account's alert policies. You must create policies separately for sub-accounts.

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