Alerting in New Relic (document deprecated)

Note: This document only applies to some of our larger existing customers whose accounts were too large to use the automated update scripts when Alert Policies were rolled out.

New Relic includes the ability to set thresholds for alerts on several metrics, including:

  • Your application's error rate and Apdex scores
  • Server's CPU, disk, and memory
  • Key transactions' customized error rates and Apdex scores

These metrics are evaluated in real time using a recent time window and moving average. When a monitored metric crosses a threshold for an extended period (several minutes), this creates a problem event and corresponding alert notifications.

New Relic supports alerting on Apdex scores and your server's CPU, disk, and memory for Lite accounts and higher. However, alerting on error collection is only available for Pro accounts and higher.

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Event types

New Relic defines three types of problems:

  • Caution Caution
  • Critical Critical
  • Downtime Downtime

Problems and other events (such as deployments) appear on your New Relic dashboard's Recent Events list. The associated app's or server's "traffic light" also changes color (green, yellow, red, or gray).


Adjust your Caution and Critical levels depending on the type of threshold. For example:

  • For your app's Apdex thresholds, the Caution (yellow) level should be higher than the Critical (red) level, because the percentage values range from none (highest) to unacceptable (lowest).
  • For your app's error rate thresholds, the Caution (yellow) level should be lower than the Critical (red) level, because the values range from lower to higher percentages.

If you are not yet using Alert Policies, customize the thresholds for your application's Apdex values and error rate percentages:

  1. From the New Relic menu bar, select Applications, click the gear icon gear for a specific app, and then select Change alerting thresholds.
    From the New Relic menu bar, select Applications > (selected app) > Settings > Alert Thresholds.
  2. From the Customize Your Alerting Thresholds page, select the Caution (yellow) and Critical (red) values for Apdex (higher to lower) and Error rate (lower to higher) thresholds.
  3. Click Save your changes.

Alert Thresholds
Applications > (selected app) > Settings > Alert Thresholds: Your app's Caution (yellow) threshold for Apdex should be higher than its Critical (red) threshold. However, your app's Caution (yellow) threshold for error rates should be lower than its Critical (red) threshold.

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