Rules and limits for alerts

This document contains some technical rules and limits for New Relic alerting functionality.

Note that if your New Relic organization has multiple accounts, an account does not inherit the alert policies of other accounts. You must create alert policies separately for each account.

The following rules apply both to the New Relic user interface and to the REST API (v2).



Minimum value

Maximum value

Alert policies:

Alert policy name

1 character

128 characters

Policies per account


10000 policies

Products per policy

any New Relic product (APM, mobile monitoring, synthetic monitoring, etc.)

any New Relic product

Alert conditions:

Condition name

1 character

128 characters

Conditions per policy

0 conditions

500 conditions

Infrastructure alert conditions

0 conditions

3700 conditions

NRQL query conditions


Web app response percentiles per account

0 conditions

4000 conditions

Targets (product entities) per condition

1 target

5000 targets for NRQL conditions 1000 targets for non-NRQL conditions

Thresholds per condition

1 Warning or 1 Critical

1 Warning and 1 Critical

Alert incidents:

Custom incident descriptions

4000 characters

Duration for condition incident

30 seconds

2 hours

Incidents per Issue

1 incident

10,000 incidents

Incidents beyond this limit will not be persisted.

Incident Search API - Page Size

1 page (less than or equal to 25 incidents)

1000 pages (25K incidents)


Only use the only-open parameter to retrieve all open incidents. If you have more than 25K open incidents and need to retrieve them via the REST API, please contact New Relic Support.

Notification channels (Legacy):

Notification channel name

1 character

64 characters

Channels per account


2500 channels per type

Exception: No limits for user channels

Channel limitations

Depends on channel

Depends on channel


Workflows per account


Initial limit 1000

Workflow filter size

1 character

4096 characters per workflow