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Update or disable policies and conditions

After you create a policy, you can:

  • Add more conditions to the policy.
  • Edit the conditions' names, targets, or thresholds.
  • Disable conditions.
  • Continue the policy setup process by adding one or more notification channels to it.
  • Rename or delete the policy.

The user interface shows a Last modified timestamp for any changes to policies, including their conditions and notification channels.

Policy maintenance quick reference

Here is a quick reference which also includes links to more detailed information and procedures for maintaining your policies.

Condition maintenance quick reference

Here's a quick reference for maintaining a policy conditions. This includes the condition's entities (targets), Warning (yellow) and Critical (red) thresholds, and runbook URL.

Disable or delete policies and conditions

If you disable or delete a policy, we'll continue to apply any other policies assigned to the product entity (target). If you remove all policies for the entity, its color-coded health status indicator will appear light green with an icon.

For more help

If you need more help, check out these support and learning resources:

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