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RightScale users and New Relic

RightScale is a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution capable of hosting web applications. Supported languages for both New Relic and RightScale include Java, Ruby, .NET, PHP, and Python.

In order to use New Relic through the RightScale partnership, you need a New Relic account. Before getting started, be sure to enable API access.

Add New Relic RightScripts

Before you can view data from New Relic in RightScale, add the appropriate New Relic RightScript to your ServerTemplates:

  1. From RightCloud, select Design > MultiCloud Marketplace > ServerTemplates.
  2. Import the New Relic Performance Monitoring Toolbox ServerTemplate into your Local view.

After you import the ServerTemplate, you can use the associated New Relic RightScripts with your account and add them to your ServerTemplates as appropriate for your agent language.

New Relic RightScript


Java Tomcat

For use with Tomcat5 and Tomcat6 ServerTemplates. Installs our Java agent and configures it for use with Tomcat with APM.


Installs and configures the New Relic agent to monitor .NET applications. Using New Relic for .NET requires .NET 3.5 or higher on the target host. (If you have only 4.0 or higher installed, you must have .NET Version 3.5 installed on the target host.) With the 3.5 framework, New Relic instruments applications targeting .NET frameworks 2.0 or higher running on Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows Azure.


Installs and configures the New Relic PHP agent and a local proxy daemon. New Relic supports PHP versions 5.2 or higher on Apache 2.2 or 2.4.


To install and configure the New Relic Python agent, do not use RightScripts. Instead, send an email to rightscale@newrelic.com.


To use the New Relic agent for your Ruby on Rails application, see New Relic for Ruby.

Example PHP RightScript installation

Here is an example of adding the APP New Relic RPM for PHP RightScripts to a PHP application server.

Add the APP New Relic RPM for PHP RightScript as a boot script to the ServerTemplate that is being used to run your PHP application servers. This will automatically deploy the New Relic agent when a new server is launched with that ServerTemplate.

If your PHP application is already running on a server, you can add it as an operational script under the Scripts tab, and run the action on the running server.

Be sure to define the following input value for the new script:

NR_License_Key: Enter your New Relic license key.

You can either manually enter the or create a credential for it.

View APM monitoring data

When viewing the data that New Relic monitors, you will only see the names of the applications that are on servers where you have run the New Relic RightScript. A host is a server and an instance is an instance of an application.

RightScale users: Example of apps you can view in New Relic.

To view your New Relic data:

  1. Go to Reports > New Relic.
  2. From the list of application(s) in your New Relic RightScript deployment, select an application name.
  3. On your first login, be sure to change your password: From the (user menu in the New Relic UI, select User preferences.
  4. Use the New Relic menu options to view different performance data and charts.

Upgrade your New Relic subscription

For RightScale customers, all new accounts start with a free 14-day trial of New Relic's paid subscription features. If you want to upgrade your free account to a paid subscription, send an email to rightscale@newrelic.com. You cannot upgrade your New Relic subscription within RightScale.

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