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Bulk user actions (original user model)


This doc explains how to manage users on our original user model.

Not sure which model you're on? See Overview of user models.

With the Bulk user actions feature, you can add, update, or delete multiple users at once. This can be helpful for:

  • adding roles when multiple new employees start
  • deleting roles when multiple employees leave
  • giving multiple employees Admin roles

Update users in bulk

Some important rules and recommendations for making bulk user actions:

  • You cannot make updates to your own role or an Owner role.
  • You cannot edit an existing user's email address or name.
  • You should avoid editing an existing user by deleting and re-adding them because this can have unintended consequences (for example, API keys associated with the original user will be lost).

To add new user roles, update existing user roles, or delete user roles for users on the original user model:

  1. Go to: account dropdown > Account settings > Users and roles, and add /bulk_actions at the end of the URL.

    Example URL:

  2. Download a Backup CSV file. Downloading a backup file keeps a record of the users in your account prior to changes being made, and allows you to easily re-add any users that may be removed accidentally.

  3. Download a CSV of users or a CSV template. Each bulk action (add, update, or delete) will require its own CSV file. New Relic recommends saving your files with an account number, date, and the bulk action being performed. For example: account_123456789_delete_users_2018-06-29

  4. Populate that sheet with only the users whose roles you'll be applying the chosen bulk action for. Remove users from the spreadsheet whose roles you do not want to change.

    Bulk action



    Required fields: user email, name, type, base role

    Optional field: add-on role


    Required fields: user email (do not edit), name (do not edit), base role

    Optional field: add-on role


    Required fields: only user email

  5. In the UI, select a CSV action: Add, Update, or Delete the users listed within the CSV file.

  6. Upload the new CSV, and select Save changes.


If a user is removed or changed during your CSV file upload by mistake, you can add them back through another CSV file upload.


Be aware that associated permissions may be lost when a user is deleted and re-added. For example, associated API keys will need to be re-added.

For more help

If you need more help, check out these support and learning resources:

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