The New Relic user interface

Here is a summary of standard functions available when using the New Relic user interface, using New Relic APM as an example. For more information about using New Relic APM's Applications index, see Viewing your applications list.

APM > Applications: Use this list to view, update, hide, tag, or delete your list of apps.
If you want to... Do this...
Filter the list of recent events

Select the icon for specific types of Recent events: All, notifications, critical alerts, warnings, deployments, etc.

View dashboard details about a recent event or alert From the Recent events list, select the link for the event or alert.
Set up an RSS feed for event notifications Above the Recent events section, select the RSS icon.
Create a URL that shows current webpage information

At the bottom of the webpage, select Permalink, and then copy the URL or select the Clipboard icon. This is useful, for example, to share an interesting time window or to troubleshoot problems occurring at a specific point in time.

Hide the New Relic menu bar and menus (Kiosk mode)

At the bottom of the webpage, select Kiosk mode. This is useful to hide private information; for example, with demos, advertisements, trade shows, etc.

Kiosk Mode.png

To restore them: From the New Relic menu bar, select the Kiosk icon. icon-kiosk-off.png

For more help

Tip: For additional tutorials and other resources to get started with New Relic, visit New Relic University. For a library of videos about using New Relic features, visit

Additional documentation resources include: