Welcome to Plugin Central

Welcome to Plugin Central, where New Relic's partners, third-party vendors, and users can publish plugin agents that collect selected metric data, and users can install and view the plugin data on their dashboards as a set of summary metrics, charts, and tables. This allows you to use a single platform to monitor critical information about your application stacks, tools, interfaces, logins, alerts, and other data, and view everything from a single user interface: New Relic.

The Platform behind the scene

Developers can use the New Relic Platform to create plugins that monitor numerical metrics provided by external services, servers, or equipment. Alerting options are also available.

The Platform does not require a host license to publish plugins. In most cases, the plugin's agent runs on the users' server. SaaS or PaaS providers can also create plugin agents that run in their infrastructure and report metrics for customers who use New Relic to monitor their applications.

Video For an overview of the New Relic Platform, watch this video (approximately 1 minute).

The Plugin Central directory

The plugin agent collects, sends, and stores the metric data in New Relic. Plugin Central provides a searchable directory for plugins that developers publish and make publicly available to users.

From Plugin Central, users can select and download whatever plugins they want to use. After users install or configure a plugin, they can view the plugin's dashboard data securely from New Relic's user interface.

Viewing plugins in Plugin Central

To view information about available (published) plugins, go to New Relic's Plugin Central. By default, available plugins appear in alphabetical order.

Plugin Central
Plugins > Plugin Central: Select any published plugin from New Relic's Plugin Central directory to view a description and install it.

  1. From the New Relic menu bar, select Plugins.
  2. From the Plugin Central alphabetical directory, review the descriptions of publicly available plugins.
  3. Optional: To limit the directory listing, type a value in Search plugins.
  4. To view additional details about a plugin, select the plugin's title or its Get started button.
  5. From the plugin's description page, review additional details.
  6. To learn more about the plugin's publisher, select About us or Support site.
  7. To select a plugin, select its Download or Continue button, and follow the online instructions to get your plugin installed and running. Or, to return to the Plugin Central directory, select your browser's Back icon.

Depending on the selected plugin, installation and configuration instructions will vary. Refer to your plugin's documentation for specific details. After you install or configure a plugin, it automatically appears on your New Relic menu bar, where you can select and view it directly. You may need to wait a few minutes for data to appear.

Viewing a plugin
Here is an example of a plugin the user has downloaded and installed from New Relic's Plugin Central.

For more help

Additional documentation resources include:

For more help, review the documentation provided by your plugin's publisher, or contact the plugin publisher's support resources (identified in the plugin's Support site link).

For additional assistance with New Relic Platform, join us in the Platform & Plugins community forum. The Community Forums are a public forum for discussion and troubleshooting of New Relic plugins.